Premium Insurance, Excellent Service Delivery

Premium Insurance, Excellent Service Delivery

Corporate Information

Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 1990 and provides competitive services for all categories of General Insurance.  The authorized share capital is presently N 5 billion with N 4.98 billion as shareholders’ fund.

This company emphasizes excellent, prompt and efficient underwriting and claims service delivery and has gained the confidence of major intermediaries and corporate insurance buyers because of these virtues.  The Company’s Head office is at Sterling Assurance House, 284, Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos.

Our Insurance covers are backed up by adequate reinsurance arrangements with highly reputable reinsurance organisations among which are Africa Re, OMAN Re, Continental Re, WAICA Re, PTA Re, Kenya and AVENI Re.   For our Energy business, we have excess of loss (XOL) energy treaty with WAICA Re and Multi-line package lineslip through MERIDIAN, a reinsurance broker in UK; Reinsurers who subscribe to this facility are energy insurance experts and A-rated companies some of which include: Atrium Syndicate AUW 609, Navigators Syndicate NAV 1221, Thomas Miller Specialty, Talbot Syndicate, Market Syndicate etc.

Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited is focused on providing sound risk management services, wealth creation and profit optimization as well as being socially responsible.  Our professional responsibilities are primarily handled by the Technical Division, which is staffed by highly qualified personnel.

The primary underwriting, reinsurance and claims operations within the Technical Division are backed by a capable, responsive Marketing and Business Development Division.  This Division always seeks to match our technical capabilities to the specific insurance requirements of each of our clients.

We should also mention that all the company’s operations are fully automated, giving us an edge in speed and efficiency of response to clients’ needs.

We are kept on the straight-and-narrow financial path by our Finance Division that exercise prudent management of the company resources.