Premium Insurance, Excellent Service Delivery

Premium Insurance, Excellent Service Delivery

Our Philosophy of Business

As risk-bearers, we at Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited appreciate that we operate within a rapidly - changing and volatile economic and social environment.  Our corporate policy therefore seeks to ensure that your survival and financial well-being is never threatened by unforeseen or catastrophic occurrences, allowing you to focus your energy on the important issue of competing in your chosen area of endeavour.

We consider insurance service to be a financial service, not purely restricted to the provision of corporate protection against unforeseen events.  We therefore go the extra mile to assist our clients:

  • Identify the existence of risks and exposures
  • Measure the possible effects of such risks or exposures
  • Establish systems of risk management and control to prevent or minimise loss, whenever such loss is not avoidable.


In order to achieve all these, the company’s management ensures:

  • Prompt settlement of all genuine claims, generating confidence in the mind of the insuring public.
  • A prompt and efficient service, especially on issue of policy documents and service of clients’ needs on an ongoing basis.
  • An innovative marketing strategy aimed at obtaining and retaining a broad range of corporate and individual clients.
  • Effective financial back-up for the policies we issue. This is enhanced by the dynamic investment programme we maintain.