Fire And Special Perils Insurance

Fire And Special Perils Insurance

The fire and special perils insurance provides cover for  loss of or damage to building(s) and contents therein against the risk of fire and similar perils such as lightning, explosions, earthquake, impact, flood, storm, leakage of water from apparatus and pipes, riot, strike and malicious damage.

This policy can be taken up by individual and corporate bodies to protect their assets: building, furniture, fixtures and fittings, electronics and other contents.

It is an annual policy which covers a period of twelve calendar months and is renewable on annual basis.

However, all insurance contracts are subject to applicable terms and conditions.

According to Section 65 (2) of the Insurance Act 2003, all Public Buildings which include tenement houses, hostels, buildings occupied by a tenant, lodger or licensee and any building to which members of the public have ingress and egress for the purpose of obtaining educational or medical service, or for the purpose of recreation or transaction of business, must be insured against the hazards of collapse, fire, earthquake, storm and flood

This policy provides cover for loss or damage to your properties, e.g. office building, equipment, and other movable properties resulting from the perils of :- 

  • Fire, Lightning, Bush fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Fire Aircraft, impact (including your own vehicle).
  • Tornado, Flood, Windstorm, Hurricane, Busting and over flowing of tanks and apparatus.
  • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage.