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Group/Personal Accident

This policy shall provide cover against death, accident or injury sustained in the course of employment. The policy provide  an accident only insurance whereby the dependent of the persons killed in any mishap have access to some level of benefits to give measure of compensations for disability and medical treatment for injuries following accident. The policy shall also provide for medical expenses; this are payable for treatment from a medical doctor or surgeon. The expenses must occur within 30 days following the date of the accident. The policy may also provide for burial expenses subject to certain limit.
The policy will not cover;
1. Suicide.
2. An insured that is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or being affected by insanity.
3. An insured who suffers any physical defect prior to accident.
4. Childbirth or pregnancy.
5. Loss caused by act of war, riot, civil commotion hostilities mutiny e.t.c.